Herbs That Can be Grown in the City

Grow a Herb Garden in your Kitchen Windowsill with herbs such as Basil, Parsley, Cilantro and Chives or others kits and pots available on Amazon and other online stores for fresh herbs to cook or add to your salads. 

The three Children's books I currently have available begins with the Alchemy of the 

5 Elements Course 1: above tap book icon to direct you to Amazon and Course 2 and 

Course 3 that you can click links to purchase. 

                         Children's Books

Many of my books are written for Children. The Alchemy of the 5 Elements Course 1: "the Legend of the Beet Brothers"  a story about the Beet Brothers as they study in the College of Alchemy for Plants to learn the 5 Elements from the Elemental Guardians as well as Guardians of the 5 senses  "The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs: Course 2: The Legend of the Beet Brothers"  from Abbie Abuta to Beezy the Bee Pollen Queen and Course 3: " The Alchemy of Foods and Herbs "The Legend of the Beet Brothers" this goes from the Beet Brothers to Buckley the Buckwheat. 

A story about the Beet Brothers as they travel the world interviewing the plant spirits around the world to teach humans how to heal themselves and the Planet. These courses include story, poetry, charts and recipes for many plants and trees. I am Currently working on a book that includes how to make fun things like flowers dolls, toys, play dough, jewelry, arts and crafts and science experiments using over 500 plants and trees from around the World. 

       Holistic Health Charts and Books  

My books are full of recipes and Charts on how to make many herbal remedies, teas, decoctions, tinctures, syrups, salves and more. All of my Books have recipes for all of these and Charts breaking down the chemistry of herbs and foods, properties of herbs, Chakra's, color, sound, aromatherapy, first aide kits and more. This Book is called "The Holistic Medicine Chart Book" But recipes for Herbal remedies are in all my books. The Holistic Medicine Chart Book is a Book with over 100 pages of Holistic Medicine Charts for teaching Holistic Health. 

Nearly 50 pages are charts showing specific amounts of nutrients from A Vitamins to Zinc and all the Basic Amino Acids in over 100 fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Spices and Seeds. There are Charts on over 150 Nutrients and their Benefits. There are also Charts on Nutrient Remedies from Abscesses - Zygomycosis, Charts on over 180 Medicinal Properties of Foods and Herbs covering around 500 foods and herbs. 

This Book also includes 5 Element Charts, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower, Gem and Music Therapy, Anatomy of Organs, Glands and Systems, Weight Loss and Calorie Charts and more covering a wide variety of subjects for a complete course in Holistic Health for Doctors, Health Professionals and everyday people.

   Can You Eat Flowers?

Not only can you eat Flowers like Violets and Lavenders, etc... but many flowers can make all kinds of delicious dishes as well as body care products, household cleaning supplies, fun toys such as flower dolls, laminated flower jewelry and much more. One of my books covers over 200 flowers and their many uses. It is called "Flower Power: Over 1000 Uses for Healing, Home, Food and Fun"